Tree preservation orders in East Yorkshire and Hull

As the Tree Fellas Hull LTD, we are certainly forward thinking when it comes to being environmentally conscious, we take our role very seriously to help reduce the carbon emission.

We clearly have a vast amount of green waste which is due to the nature of our work, ie timber which is the main reason recycling is such a key piece of our work ethos.

Here at Tree Fellas, we process and recycle all the twigs, leaves and branches created from our work through our woodchippers in our endeavours to keep running as a sustainable business. These are then sold on to biomass companies which transport it to Biomass power stations all over the UK to generate electricity.

Supporting Biomass

We sell tonnes of wood chip each month which is used to produce electricity at biomass power plants across the country. These power stations commonly deliver power with 50-80% less greenhouse emissions than gas or coal-fired power stations.

Biomass plants have become increasingly popular methods of generating sustainable energy and look set to play an important part in combatting climate change inasmuch as the wood they burn is sourced economically, through tree surgery operations.

Economically sourced biomass is more ecologically friendly because it is a renewable fuel which is low in carbon. As biomass develops, it retains carbon dioxide from the air which is then returned to the atmosphere when the fuel is burned in a power plant.

Greenhouse gas emissions

By cutting greenhouse gas emissions, this sort of energy creation will lessen the effect of climate change which incorporates ocean levels rising, droughts which can result in loss of wildlife.

Here at Tree Fellas – we are extremely proud of our efforts to develop new and sustainable methods of generating energy. We will carry on and remain proud of the waste we accumulate through our work is to be used in an extremely positive way. Some biomass power stations can create enough energy to supply up to 250,000 homes every year! This is all helping to safeguard our planet for not just for tomorrow but for the future.

Our tree planting services include

  • Planting single or multiple trees
  • Major planting schemes
  • Amenity planting
  • Forestry and woodland planting and management
  • Hedgerows, tree fencing and guarding
  • Value for money

We cover the following areas, and more!

Bishop Burton
Cherry Burton
Market Weighton
North Cave
South Cave